Student: Jacqui

Guitar Lessons: 8

Graham is a *fantastic* tutor. I was pretty nervous about learning guitar but Graham is so relaxed about it all and that put me at ease. You can tell by hanging out with him how much he really loves playing and teaching guitar. The best part about having him as my tutor was how he customised the lessons to suit my tastes.

He was happy to pick out some of my favourite songs and break them down with me so I was immediately playing the type of music that made me want to learn guitar in the first place. I think if I had to learn scales or anything too repetitive from the beginning then I would have zoned out. He’s really easy-going and we laughed a lot during my lessons, but that was balanced out with heaps of practice and explanations of the theory.

He was also happy to help over the phone or via text if I was practicing at home and couldn’t remember something. Overall, Graham is relaxed, knows his stuff and wants the students to have a good time. He’s rad.


Student: Sam

Guitar Lessons: 10

Graham is great teacher, I came to him with some misconceptions and a chip on my shoulder about playing particularly in some specific areas which i thought i could never achieve. I tried fora few months to play some basic stuff but i just could not get a handle on it. Little be known to me I had some major flaws in my technique which hindered me from playing things which now seem so simple purely because Graham got me using proper techniques which i never thought of before, thankfully I started seeing him before i created bad habits.

He is very motivating and puts enough presure on you to improve and practice without overloading you, he very clearly wanted you to get some benifit out of your money. I work a 40 hour week and his ability to work around my schedule was great.

Highly recommended

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